His Standard

Body : medium sized. Females are a bit smaller than the males. Fine bones but strong. The silhouette is slim and narrow chested. Long slim legs, back legs are longer. Small feet, round or oval.
Head : medium sized and triangular. Nose profile is straight without stop, and the chin is rounded.
The ears are wide at the base, long and pointed, upright (placed high on the head) with furnishing on the inside . Long and slim neck
Eyes : big almond shape, slightly oblique. Eye colour may be green, amber or orange, according to coat color; the whites may also have blue or odd eyes.

Tail : Very long plume, with very fine silky fur which makes it look like a feather. Usually the tail is carried lower than the line of the spine or held out horizontally and bent up, the tip almost touching the head.

Fur : Long, soft and silky without undercoat. Fairly long fur on the body, very long on the neck (ruff), behind the hind legs and on the tail. The coat on the belly is often wavy.

Colour : all colours allowed except colourpoint.

Faults : chunky body, short legs, rond head. A stop at the nose. Tail with a knot. Thick boning.



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