His character

The Turkish angora is a very affectionate and playful cat. The presence of children around pleases him.
They have got more time than adults and these cats like being made a fuss of !

It’s an intelligent cat which can be trained without difficulty.

Sometimes you have to be very firm with him because he is stubborn.

Beware he’s a charmer ! He will get round you with his purring and cuddles, so that you don’t scold him too much if he’s done something wrong.

He is also very sociable, he likes everybody without distinction (except those who may have hurt him of course) and he is very nosey.
He takes part in all your occupations with great interest.

The Turkish angora is a cat who needs a lot of attention and strokes, so for people who don’t want a cuddly cat they should get another race,
otherwise the cat won’t be happy



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